Thursday, February 20, 2014

WTH Weather?!

Well, it has been a weather roller coaster here in Virginia!
Last week, this is what my commute home looked like:
Don't worry, I was stopped - Saftey first!
And this week the temperatures have been in the 60's!! I feel like this is just a tease though and it is going to get cold again and then I am going to be so sad. Today is in the 50s and that makes me sad already haha.
So a recap of the the last week or so because my schedule has been nuts and I slacked on posting. I am thinking I need to create some generic blog posts in my spare time (haha, spare time, what a concept) so I can still post when I don't have time to write out my every thought.
Last week was singles awareness day Valentine's Day, as I am sure you are all aware of. So instead of spending a romantic night with my non-existent boyfriend, I decided to hit the gym and be healthy. The teacher of the bodyflow class even brought us roses! So nice! I did end up getting a frosty from Wendy's later that night with my other single friend while we watched He's Just Not That Into You. Very appropriate for our feelings.

Over the weekend I went to Sam's club with one of my friends who has a membership and while I was there, discovered the most amazing treat EVER! It is greek frozen yogurt. Um, YUM. It tasted fantastic and it is relatively guilt free, because, greek yogurt is a super food. Duh. I definitely suggest checking it out. Another treat I got this weekend was a Jetty Junior from Tropical Smoothie...not so healthy, but my friend was in town from Richmond, so we did a crossfit style workout (because she is a crossfit expert!) and I thought I was going to die afterwards so she bought me a smoothie haha...the perks of a crossfit death!

Yesterday was so beautiful so I had a ton of energy so I hit the gym for a great workout followed by a healthy dinner. My workout consisted of:

5 minute bike (high intensity)
40 lunges (10 regular, 10 angled, each side)
20 plank walks
50 mt. climbers
Repeat 3x

5 minutes on the rowing machine
and then my leg exercises (leg dips, front step ups, side step ups, backward step ups)

My dinner was homemade chicken noodle soup (which was okay, my seasoning wasn't strong enough I don't think) and a small salad. All-in-all I felt pretty accomplished!

 Today is going to be long. I have to work all day, and then all night, so I dragged myself out of bed this morning to get in 30 minutes of cardio. Needless to say it is not yet 9am and I am already in need of a nap. It is time for a BIG cup of green tea!


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