Monday, February 10, 2014

Photo Challenge Fail

I don't know if you have noticed, but I haven't been doing great with this photo challenge. I just get so wrapped up in my day that I forget to take a photo. So the photos below May not have been taken on that actual day, but are still applicable to the day's topic.

Before we get to the photo challenge, here is a weekend recap:

Friday night was spent lounging at my parent's house. Saturday morning I met my friend at the gym and we had an unintentionally hard workout. We started with 5 minutes on the bike, followed by 40 sit-up things ( I don't know what these devil move's are called, but you lay on your back, knees bent out so that the bottoms of your feet are together, then sit up to touch your toes), 5 minute bike, 40 devil sit-ups, 5 minute bike, 40 devil sit-ups. Then 2 minutes of the rowing machine (which was way harder than I thought it would be) and 3 rounds of 12 rep dead lifts with a kettle bell. Just when we thought we were ready to wrap up, one of the trainers came by and gave us another set of exercises to do. Normally, that would be just fine and dandy, but I was already exhausted! After the gym was apartment hunting, then straight to work. Sunday was a rest day (20 minutes of easy yoga) because I was SO sore. I'm not kidding, I had a hard time standing up straight because my core hurt. Sad and pathetic, I know. What is even more pathetic? Me sitting in bed tonight, Monday, with a heating pad on my stomach because I'm STILL sore. I did make it to the gym for cardio though...see, here is proof!

I also had an AMAZING lunch. I made chicken tacos in the crockpot (2 chicken breasts, a can of rotel, and half a packet of taco seasoning) on Sunday, so I used a piece of iceberg lettuce, spread some mashed avocado on it, added the shredded crockpot chicken, and topped it with reduced fat Mexican cheese blend. It was so good and a great low carb taco idea!


Ok, so there is my recap. Here comes my sorry excuse for the photo challenge:

February Photo Challenge (from
February 5: What I'm Eating
So last week, my lunches were crockpot BBQ chicken with a side of blueberries:

February 6: Favorite Pasttime
Well, usually my favorite Pasttime is anything out doors. But the weather has been pretty sucko this winter so I've taken up my tried and true DVR. Don't judge, love is complicated.

February 7: Plank
Friday I was having a pity party because I was so exhausted and overwhelmed by everything going on in my life right now that when I got off work, I skipped the gym and went straight to my parent's house to lay on the couch and watch the, no plank. But look at this nice lady who is not me planking:

Also, when I googled plank, this image also came up and I just couldn't resist sharing it. You're welcome.

February 8: My favorite body part/feature 
This was easy. I happen to love my hair! I chopped it off just before the new year, but want to grow it back out already.

February 9: Quote
I love Jillian Michaels so anything she says is quote worthy to me, haha. I really like this one though because it emphasizes that making a change in your life, starts out with a mental decision :

February 10: View from my window
Right now it is dark outside so my view is black...but during the day it's of some trees and a parking lot. So instead of that, here is a view of some beautiful blue sky as seen from my balcony a few weeks ago when it was a rare day I could spend some time out there.

So that's that. I'm going to pass out on my stomach now so the heat really sinks into my ab muscles and I will be able to stand up straight tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Curse you, devil sit-ups.


  1. Good job keeping this up. I didnt know you were still on top of it. Good for you.

    1. Yes, it has been a challenge, I gave up on the photo challenge haha. Any ideas on topics for posts besides recapping every moment of my life?