Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy 2014!

This past year (2013) has been crazy! The biggest thing is my new job that I started in August. I was so nervous about leaving my old job and all the people there (including my boss who was amazing!) but so excited about starting my new job in collegiate athletics! The last few months have been great and I am learning so much here. I also discovered my love for having a personal trainer - and also how expensive it is. I wish I would've been able to continue with once a week sessions, but unfortunately I ran out of money - i.e. I chose to be able to pay rent and eat instead, haha.

The last week of 2013 was incredibly relaxing. I spent most of the time lounging at my parents house for Christmas. And speaking of presents...LOOK WHAT I GOT!

My parents are the greatest! It is a hybrid (cross between a mountain bike and a road bike). It will be perfect for the sprint triathlon in July that I signed up for and I CANNOT wait to take it out once the weather is a bit nicer. And in order to stay awake on these long bike rides I intend to complete, my parents got me the cutest little Keurig ever!

Yum, Coffee!
That was my first cup that I made with it. It was some sort of hazelnut flavor that I wasn't a big fan of so I went and bought my favorite type of coffee - mocha! I mean, who doesn't like chocolate coffee.
Hopefully with my brand new coffee maker, I will have so much energy all I will want to do is exercise - okay, maybe that's some extreme wishful thinking, but a girl can dream.
So, here is hoping that 2014 is going to be a fit and fun year! I mean, I already started it out on a positive note! My mom and I walked 2.014 miles on New Year's Day (get it, 2014! It took someone explaining it to me to get it...blond moment). It was really cool because it was at the local botanical gardens and they still had all the Christmas lights up! I was so proud of my mom; she was hustling and even ran through the finish line! The picture is a little dark at the top so it's hard to see her, but she is smiling, I promise!

Happy New Year!!


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